Gorgeous Maddison Rayne…

This little 2 year old muppet was really not feeling her best at this shoot and I did feel for her as there’s nothing worse that being asked to “perform” when you’re not feeling up to anything… unfortunately re-scheduling wasn’t really an option as this family is only here on holiday so Madi had to put on her brave face and the rest of us had to come up with our A game:)  She did SUCH a good job!!!!!  We got such pretty pics from this shoot and she absolutely rocked my little vintage picnic set-up… I adore the little tilt of her head in the one picnic image below:)  Maujean family thank you so very very much for asking me to take these pics for you, I hope you love your sneak peek…


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gill maujeanJuly 27, 2012 - 2:57 pm

tina, these pics of maddison are truely beautiful – thank you again – u deserve all the awards u get :-)

Danielle Lee MaujeanJuly 27, 2012 - 8:40 pm

We have not been able to stop looking at these pic’s since the moment you posted them <3 You are truly sensational at what you do, Tina!! Looking at this blog post, NO-ONE could guess the 'struggles' we had… SIMPLY STUNNING! Thank-you :) xxx

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