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    Durban North, South Africa | Family Photographer - LSI Pro Member

    Please click on the "About" page so that you may view the candid slideshow of my "babies" taken in our bed on a Sunday morning, no posing, no "perfect" photography, just a little glimpse into my life and my very reason for being... make sure that you have your volume up so that you can enjoy the beautiful song Bloom by The Paper Kites x

    BlueBelle Photography was born out of a pure, immeasurable love for my children. In an effort to capture every gurgle, laugh, wobbly first step and curl of their beautiful eyelashes I discovered a love for photography.

    As a mother I want to remember all those precious little things that make my children who they are… the way my daughter would stroke her cheek when she fell asleep, the way my son, as a baby, would do a little "shoulder shuffle" dance when eating something he loved. I don’t just want to look at an image of my children laughing, I want to hear that laughter, I want to go back to that very time and place and remember all of it.

    It would be a privilege for me to be able to do the same for you and your family.

    I am a natural light, on location photographer. I’m always open to suggestions on location as I love variation but typically I shoot either at a client’s home (this is especially so for my newborns), on the beach or at a park. I try not to put a time limit on my sessions as I prefer to create a relaxed atmosphere where we can all kick our shoes off and have fun!!

    I’d love for you to stay a while and view my galleries. PS, for those of you who enjoy a little bit of music, put your volume up a tad, I have such great music playing, the gorgeous song "You & Me" is courtesy of the wonderful Frances England :)

    A little note to my own family... My gorgeous children, you are my dream come true and I love you both desperately. My wonderful husband, you’ve been my source of constant love and support, thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend every day
    doing what I love most. How lucky am I to be married to you, my very best friend and the man that I love HTH FIND always…and then some xx

    Have fun peeps!!!

Twin Newborn Shoot with beautiful Olivia & Lola…

Oh.my.word… there was no double trouble here, just double the sweetness, double the gorgeousness and double the blessings… These little babies are just the most precious pink bundles ever!!  What a joy they were to photograph and they are already showing their own little personalities.  Lola, the “little sister”, was sooooooooooooo chilled throughout the entire […]

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